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Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge offers a selection of activities that allows the discerning visitor a rare chance to experience the Kalahari as it should be. Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge introduces you to every aspect of the Kalahari, from its famed night skies and unique wildlife to the resident San people and their ancient culture.

Game Drives

Early morning, afternoon and night game drives are on offer. Each drive is conducted by professional and experienced guides in open-sided 4x4 vehicles. Guests can choose from a shared or private drive.


The area is well-known for sightings of the Black maned Kalahari Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and the elusive Brown Hyena. Regular sightings include antelope species such as Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest and Eland.

Walk with the San

Journey on foot into the bush with our resident San People, who will passionately share an authentic and traditional experience. Learn about their ancient culture and how they once survived in harsh and arid conditions.


While large mammals are always exciting to see, it is often the diverse and incredible birdlife that fascinates visitors. The area offers excellent bird-watching opportunities, with over 250 bird species positively identified.

Day trip to CKGR

Day trips to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are organized by Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge. Guests get an opportunity to experience the immensity and the wild, mysterious beauty of this unique landscape.

Kalahari Sundowner

Sun-downers are the perfect way to end your afternoon safari as the Kalahari sun dissipates, transforming the sky into an artful canvas of beauty.

Bush Dinner

A Bush Dinner deep in the African wilderness is a wonderful and primal experience best enjoyed under the Kalahari skies. Served ‘Al fresco’, it is a great bonding experience with the vast Kalahari landscape providing the perfect backdrop.