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From Maun

Follow the road to Makalamabedi. Turn off +/- 52 km from Maun. Turn right before Makalamabedi Veterinary fence (see Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge sign). This is the best option if you carry meat. Drive along the veterinary fence line to Kuke gate. Turn right along the Central Kalahari Game Reserve fence line for approximately 22 km.


If you do not carry meat, continue through the Veterinary Fence Gate and turn sharp right passed the Police base and carry on along the fence line up to the Kuke gate. Enter through the Kuke gate and follow the fence line. Drive along the CKGR fence line until you find the Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge sign. Turn right at Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge sign.