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From South Africa

The most obvious and practical route from the South is via Rakops. The last refueling stop on the main tar road is at Mopipi, after Letlhakane and before Rakops.

Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge's turn off is 23kms past the Rakops tower (Do not take the Central Kalahari Game Reserve Turn off which is just past the Rakops turn off) . Turn left at the Haina Kalahari Lodge (Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge) signboard and follow the cut line for +/- 75 km to Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge. You pass through Kuke Corner Veterinary gate.

***Please take note that Mopipi is the last trustworthy fuel supply, where there is diesel and unleaded petrol. Your next fuel stop is Maun.

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